Seeking Millionaire

Just when you think internet has stopped being awesome it becomes more awesome! Internet literally has it all. From shoes to clothes to getting information about places, people what not internet literally has it all. And one more thing that internet has to offer to us is to find our sole mate. Isn’t that just amazing?Seeking Millionaire is a millionaire dating site for all those rich or all quality singles to find the perfect person to spend the rest of their life with.


• Sign up for free! No money at all.

• Answer few questions about yourself including if you are rich or attractive and VOILA you are in!

• Once you sign up you can make your own profile, add in your picture, mention what you are looking for and site will only show you • people who match your requirements. So no wasting time on looking at people’s profiles who you won’t be interested in.

• If someone viewed your profile, you will get to know about it automatically. HOW EXCITING IS THAT? The site offers ‘viewed me’ where whoever saw your profile you get to know who the person is and you can easily message them if you see a connection with them.

• There is a mobile app for this site as well so you can use this via your mobiles.

• The website has been featured in more than one press such as PLAYBOY, CNN, and VANITY FAIR so this shows that the site is LEGIT! And it actually does find you a soulmate.


• $59.95 for 1 month
• $139.95 for 3 months
• $239.95 for 6 months
• $209.95 per month for a verified platinum membership package

The price will be changed with the updating of new site version, going by of time and other factors.


Although the site isn’t that attractive since it doesn’t have that many colors in it something that would make it more likeable and even though it only helps the millionaires out there but that doesn’t mean you cannot find a millionaire out there! The site is absolutely free and it actually does believe in finding you a perfect soul mate.

So if you are single and reading this while sitting on your bed and eating ice cream or wondering ‘Why am I still single?’ then go to Seeking Millionaire make your profile, fall in love and live happily ever after and believe me when I say THIS SITE DOES WONDERS! It won’t rest till you are happily sharing ice-cream with your soulmate.

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